Resellers or Distributors

Online retailers

If you have an online shop or shops that sells genuine Italian products, or specialises in fine or gourmet foods MiKoffee is ideally suited for that market.

Major online retailers can also benefit from MiKoffee by using the brand to satisfy the demands of their more discerning customers.

Specialised retailers

If you have a specialised shop selling genuine made in Italy products, or you have a specialised food shop with fine clientele, or you have a particular restaurant or cafe, clearly MiKoffee should be on your shelves.

Larger retailers can use MiKoffee to cater for the top tier clients.


If you are a regional or national distributors with a wide and varied reach within your market and need to have a distinct and unique product in your portfolio, then MiKoffee is definitively made for you.

MiKoffee’s distinctiveness makes it in a league of its own.