About Us

Our Story

Our workshop started sixty five years ago in 1952 in Montecatini Terme, a small town not far from Florence. Nestled between the Tuscan cities of Florence, Pisa, Sienna, Lucca, Chianti is Montecatini. A region known worldwide for its art, culture and love of fine food.  Back then the workshop stated under the name of Caffe Maraviglia and would sell coffee to the bars in the area.

When one enters into the workshop today one still finds the same coffee making machines.  They have been operating now since 1952.  Our flagship coffee roasting machine is a 1952 Vittoria direct flame roaster.  She is the last of a kind.  The 1952 Victoria uses a traditional method of direct flame which has now become in disuse with the introduction of new production technologies using wood, gas and electricity roasting.  At MiKoffee, the whole process of making coffee is still the same sixty five years on.  It is a manual and labour intensive method that does not depend on computers or technology but on the relationship between the roasting machine and the Master Roaster, between Vittoria and Lauro.

The production is managed by Lauro Chelotti our Master Roaster along with his daughter Sara Chelotti also a Master Roaster. This ensures that all these years of knowledge, research and innovation in creating the finest coffee are not lost.

Today the MiKoffee brand is becoming a global brand of excellence.  From its humble roots in Tuscany, this gourmet coffee is being enjoyed in various parts of the world.

Our Management Team

Master Roasters

Lauro and Sara Chelotti, two generations of Master Roasters are responsible for the production and the quality of our products.

Administration & Merchandising

Alessia Bonini is responsible for the Administration and Merchandising department.

Retail & Finance

Michele Circelli is responsible for the Retail & Finance department.

Sales & Marketing

Darryl Grima, an MBA with over 20 years of senior management experience takes care of Sales and Marketing.